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If you're looking for a great bartending school in Canada, Bartender One is the place to go. We offer a variety of courses that push your boundaries and they will challenge you to become the best bartender around. The best part is that you get real-world experience in actual bars and clubs through no nonsense and no simulations - just the real thing! Unless you are a one-man shop, every work experience is on a team. At Bartender One, one of our focuses is teambuilding. There is a unique style of teaching that will give you the confidence to work in the most demanding bars and clubs. The teambuilding experience from Bartender One is unique to the hospitality industry. Take a look at our incredible teambuilding workshops.

For any team to work together they must work collaboratively, trust each others' ability and integrity, have mutual respect, and communicate well. A strong team is like the perfect cocktail. When its ingredients are mixed well, there is nothing else quite like it. At Bartender One, students enjoy themselves while working on a team. The synergy of the elements in a cocktail are like the synergy that a team must achieve to be a well-oiled machine. The Spirit Cocktail teambuilding workshop will provide you with the skills necessary to mix the best cocktails and network with your team while you do it.

For example, it's hard to come by a drink as refreshing as a classic Mojito. Mixed with mint, cane sugar, light rum, lime, club soda, and ice, the Mojito is a careful combination of ingredients. The Mojito Madness teambuilding workshop expands upon the classic Mojito. You will learn how to add your own signature ingredients, such as chocolate, lemon mint, citrus fruits, fresh berries, and sweeteners. This workshop will help you identify your own strengths and utilize those of your team members to create a fun and tasty experience in teambuilding, however, the bar experience is not all about the drink. Think of being a bartender as being a musician, actor, or even a magician. Your style of making the drink is going to attract more customers. If you can entertain your patrons as you make them drinks, you give them another reason to revisit your bar. That's why the Fun Flare bartending team workshop is an integral class to our course system. This class will teach you the tricks to mixing with style. The skills you learn in this workshop will also make the workplace more enjoyable. The class is fun, exciting, and memorable while increasing the synergy between you and your team members. Our instructors will tailor the experience for both individual and team exercises while challenging team members to think outside the box, trying new and innovative activities.

The Martini Magic workshop focuses on martini culture, popularized by television and movies such as James Bond and Sex and the City. These groups of people discover the attraction of martinis through creating and sampling them. They learn about the classic martinis like the Cosmopolitan, the French Martini, the Candy Apple Martini and many more. For more information, go to www.bartenderone.com to discover the best bartending education available. Enroll today!