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Are you tired of your stressful or dead-end job? Are you unemployed and want to learn a great skill that you can get you back on your feet? This is where a career as a bartender should be considered. There is no better place than Bartender One to acquire the knowledge and skills that employers look for because it is the best mixology school in Canada. You will learn the methods, techniques, tricks and teamwork required to be a serious bartender. The best part is that you get to work in a real bar. No mock-bars, no classroom lectures, just the real-world experience that will make you perform your best. Go to www.bartenderone.com to learn more about the true mixology school experience.

The unique style of teaching employed by this school challenges students to step outside their comfort zone to grow as a bartender and as an individual. Our instructors teach with an emphasis on teambuilding because just like the ingredients in a cocktail, each team member must be able to work well together. We practice individual and team activities that are as fun as they are educational.

Each mixology school course and workshop has its own purpose. You can take a full course in as little as 3 days. Already have a work schedule? Take your classes in the evening or on the weekend. Choose how far you want to take your mastery with three different options for certification. One option is Bartender 101 Certification, and this is ideal for people who want to work in low to medium volume bars such as in hotels, banquet halls, golf courses, or for bartending enthusiasts. However, the best option is Bartending and Mixology Master Class Certification. This is the most comprehensive guide to becoming a serious bartender. You will learn how to make the most popular drinks. This is a completely hands-on program that will help you make great money as a bar tender. We will put you in a real bar in an actual nightclub with one of Canada's highest-ranked Bartenders as the instructor. This is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to work in nightclubs, restaurants, bars, lounges, supper clubs, hotels and cruise ships in Canada or internationally.

If working as a professional bartender around the world is ideal, there is a mixology school for that as well. International Bartender Finishing Certification will prepare each student for an exciting and fun career bartending around the world. If you would like to meet new people while making lots of cash, then go to mixology school to receive International Bartender Finishing Certification. Consider this certification like getting a PhD in mixology. Internationally acclaimed mixologist Gavin MacMillian has travelled and worked as a mixologist in 5 continents and 47 countries. You will learn the science behind mixology due to the fact that this is the most comprehensive mixology education that can be received today. This certification is ideal for people who want to travel and become employed at nightclubs, restaurants, sports bars, pubs, lounges, speakeasy's, supper clubs, martini bars, hotels and cruise ship. Of course there are many more benefits from Bartender One mixology school, so if you're interested in a fun and rewarding profession, learn more about our mixology school at www.bartenderone.com today.