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With over 55,000 jobs for bartenders in Toronto alone, you can imagine how easy it can be for a qualified bartender to get a great job where the income and benefits are extremely attractive. Bartending is an exciting and very social career, or a perfect way to earn extra money to put you through college, or supplement your income if you want to do it part time. Bartender One School offers interested individuals our Bartender Course in Canada, whether you want to do it part time or learn to become a full time professional bartender. Our variety of courses up to master bartender will give you confidence to enjoy working as a professional bartender anywhere in the world.

Bartending is a great career if you are a social person, and the earnings in tips can often exceed your hourly rate, plus certain smart hotels and institutions offer you free meals and accommodation as part of the package. Many professional bartenders have worked carefully with their money, enabling them to retire early. You can read information on each bartender course in Canada options we offer, and anyone can attend choosing a suitable schedule in the different courses we have available right up to the master bartenders.

Our Bartender Course Canada is designed to be educational and fun, with hands-on programs to boost your confidence in mixing, serving drinks, and other factors that come with being a bartender, like how to manage patrons that become inebriated. Our master bartenders who give you the Bartender Course in Canada will show you how to mix cocktail drinks, how different alcohols complement each other, and how to make specialty drinks, the types of spirits, wines and beer that work with different foods, and much more.

To find out more about each Bartender Course Canada at Bartender One School in Toronto click on the course outlines to get a summary. You will also see the course durations, and out of town students can ask us about suitable accommodation within walking distance of our school for convenience. Qualified bartenders must be aware of the Canadian alcohol laws for responsible serving of alcohol, and we offer the ‘Smart Serve Course’ for managers, current and prospective bartenders, and others who wish to pursue this profession full time.

The Bartender Course Canada offers you courses at different times, so everyone can have a chance to learn to be a bartender, even if you are currently employed full time. You will agree that the courses we offer are great value for money and once you have the certification as a bartender, the sky is the limit in employment. Register for any bartender Course in Canada you want by following the steps provided, or if you like, contact the head office and talk to our friendly consultants who will attend to any queries you have.