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The demand for qualified bartenders is increasing worldwide, with new clubs, bars, hotels, restaurants and sports bars opening all the time. You will only be able to enjoy these great employment opportunities if you are a fully qualified bartender, which means completing a Bartender Certification course. Professional bartenders can enjoy extremely lucrative incomes in hourly rates, and tips from patrons that often exceed the rates, plus benefits can include free meals and accommodation in certain smart hotels and on cruise ships. For students who wish to earn a part time income and for those who want to become full time master bartenders can take our Bartender Certification course, and will find that we have all the relevant courses needed.

Bartending has become a specialized profession where you will need to know how different alcohols complement each other, how to mix cocktails, how different wines complement different food, and the techniques of pouring wine, spirits and beer. You will learn all this and more when you complete the Bartender Certification course given by master bartenders. Read the course outlines on our website plus the durations to know what to expect, and you will agree that each course is great value for money.

Bartender Certification 101 courses are hands-on, fun, and the groups we have for classes are kept small for more personalized attention. If you have done some bartending part time, but have never gone the step to become fully qualified, now you can do so through Bartender One School in Toronto. We cater for everyone who wishes to do their Bartender Certification course at our school, and we process your certification promptly once you have graduated, so that you can start earning money as soon as possible.

If you have never taken the step to become a fully qualified bartender, you can do so by taking advantage of the current special offer we are running for our Bartender Certification 101 courses. Past students who have completed this Bartender Certification courses have enjoyed every minute, and you will have the confidence to mix many different types of drinks, provide your patrons with quality services, and earn great tips from being a bartender.

Choose the course you would like to do and each one we offer is exclusive training you will only find at Bartender One School in Toronto. If you are a social person and a night owl pursue a professional career as a bartender, and to begin, you will find all the training you need at our school. Past students have been delighted, and like them, you will find the courses we offer worth every dollar you pay for them. You have all the information you need on the Bartender Certification, and the venue to make your decision, and if you have any further queries, contact us on the listed number and we will be glad to help.