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A Bartender is a demanding profession, but comes with some great advantages with a lucrative income being at the top of the list and another being the huge options you can enjoy in different positions, from bartending at hotels to luxury ocean liners. A Bartender needs to be a socially inclined person that is prepared to work long hours. Patience is also a characteristic because when people become inebriated they can be difficult to handle, and willingness to listen, because many people use a Bartender for a sounding board to get life’s problems off their chest. No doubt you are interested in learning to become a Bartender, and this is how you have found our Toronto bartending school, Bartender One online.

Bartenders are sought after all over the world, so there are always open positions available in bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, cruise liners, and anywhere alcohol and cocktails are served. You can earn a lucrative income through tips alone besides the standard bar rates the institution offers, and in some cases, a percentage of the takings are added as an incentive. Our bartender school in Toronto offers you a course to become a certified Bartender in courses held throughout the year, given by experienced, professional, master bartenders.

Learn how to mix the numerous standard cocktails you get, and learn how different alcohol complements each other so that you know how to create your own combinations. Other subjects covered are how to handle difficult patrons, the way to serve standard alcohol, like wine and beers, and if you like, attend the masters Bartender course, which will always guarantee your employment wherever you decide to bartend.

A Bartender is a rewarding job where you will meet new people, enjoy social occasions, travel the world, and as mentioned before, there are always institutions seeking certified bartender professionals. Our Bartender course is a hands-on reality program, so that you can get confidence in your abilities and if you already bartend, it is a great course to brush up on what is happening in the marketplace for bartending jobs. Our bartender course is exceptional value for money for the training you enjoy, and our classes are kept small and manageable for more personalized attention.

Students will find that a bartender job will earn them more than enough to put them through college, and you can always continue to work part time afterwards to always have extra cash in your pocket. If you want to become a bartender it all starts by doing a course at Bartender One School in Toronto and you can make your bookings once you have seen the class schedule, which has been made so that anyone can participate in the course even if you have a full time job. If you want to become a full time bartender then we provide certification courses as well.