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If you are interested in becoming a qualified bartender then the best way to do so is lay the foundation by taking a course at a reputable Bar School. Bartender One in Toronto offers a course that is superb for students who want to earn money to get themselves through college or travel the world backpacking. Hotels, cruise ships, clubs, bars, restaurants, and event companies are always on the lookout for qualified bartenders, so there are always employment positions available, both full and part time. Bartender One bar school in Toronto offers you hands-on courses to become a certified bartender and you will find the courses worth every dollar you invest in them.

We have professional master bartenders with years of experience that offer you a full program with hands-on courses at our Bar School, and we keep groups small for personalized attention. You will earn how to mix drinks, how different alcohol complements each other, how to serve patrons and handle difficult ones, and much more at our Bar School. Our bar School courses have been designed to allow anyone to choose when they want to attend and even weekend courses are there for those who have a full time job.

You can bartend part time when you need extra cash or as a full time professional bartender which can be extremely lucrative. Bartending is a social profession where you will meet many people and it goes without saying that it is a job suitable for night owls. Supplement your income after hours by doing a few hours of bartending at a club or hotel bar, and the earnings can be quite incredible. Bartenders are paid by the hour and the tips from satisfied patrons can exceed this, plus you may be offered a percentage of the overall sales.

What you will find amazing when attending our Bar School are the different courses we have, unlike the single bartending courses at many other schools. We offer a cocktail missing course, or choose full masters bartending course if you desire to pursue a profession as a bartender full time. You get fast certification from our bar School and once you have completed the course, you can start earning money immediately or do our advanced courses if you desire.

A simple search in any newspaper job listings or onsite online will show you that bartenders are always in great demand, especially professional master bartenders and if you work carefully with your money, you can retire early. If you bartend at smart hotels, accommodation and food is often part of the package, so you can do with your earnings as you please. Attend the next course at our bar school according to your schedule and learn one of the most interesting and rewarding professions in the world at Bartender One Toronto Bar School.