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If you're an employer looking for a skilled bartender to hire, Bartender One is the best school to hire from. In this slumped economy, it is more important to employers than ever to hire bartenders that are worth their pay and we will tell you why Bartender One graduates are the best bartenders the country has to offer. To get started, visit www.bartenderone.com to find a bartender for your bar, club, or event.

One of the first things a person will notice is that Bartender One is a cut above the rest of the bartending schools. This is because our philosophy is not just about teaching recipes - we believe that students must display good character, punctuality, and productivity. Our wide range of courses offered allows our students to specialize in certain areas. Students that complete the Mixology Master Class program will have the most comprehensive bartending education possible, so if you want to hire a bartender, Bartender One's students will be some of the most impressive out there.

Each instructor is a master at his/her craft. They must complete 132 hours or more of training before they can even become a teacher and some of these instructors are national columnists for the Food Service News and The Canadian Restaurant Association. If you hire from Bartender One, you can be sure that your employee is capable of being an exceptional bartender because each graduate is full of personality, punctuality, and productivity. That's because our philosophy is that the techniques behind mixing drinks is not enough to become a world class bartender. We teach each student about teambuilding. Teambuilding is something that employers look for when they want to hire a bartender and our courses integrate the students and get them to work as a team. They have developed the skills to cooperate with each other and enhance the experience they give their patrons. After all, the synergy of a team member is like the synergy of the ingredients in a well-made cocktail. They must mix well, have the right flavors, and complement each other. We take this philosophy seriously in all of our courses.

When hiring a bartender, you want to make sure you're getting a bartender who can serve drinks quickly, make your customers feel comfortable and cooperate with your other employees. That is why we don't use mock bars or classrooms. We train and let our students practice in real bars and nightclubs. This is the main reason why our graduates are better than the rest. They have the real-world experience which makes them ready for the job. Also, if you want your employees to learn new bartending skills such as fun flare tricks, it would be worth it to send them back to school at Bartender One. Your employees can complete our Mixology Master Class program in just one to five weeks. Our one and two week course is super accelerated. Even an experienced bartender can probably stand to learn many new methods and tricks. If the time has come to hire a bartender, take a look at iPour on www.bartenderone.com. It is the world's most trusted and extensive network of bartenders and employers. What are you waiting for? If you want your bartenders to be the best, hire a bartender from the best school in America.