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If you are looking for an exciting city in Canada to live and work in, Toronto has one of the hottest nightlife scenes going. There are plenty of hot bars and nightclubs to choose from especially for those interested in getting a job bartending in Toronto. For those that already have an established reputation there are plenty of clubs and bars looking for talented bartenders, if you lack the experience then you are going to have to attend a recognized school of bartending to stand a chance of even getting your foot in the door.

Scoring one of these Toronto bartending positions is no easy task, there is always plenty of competition as they pay well and if you are good at your trade the tips can be fantastic. Generally speaking being good is not going to be good enough, if you want a job at one of top clubs or bars you are going to have to prove to the owners that you are a cut above the rest of the crowd. They are looking for someone who can not only mix drinks, but can bring his own style and flash to the bar. This is what their customers want, not just another body that can mix a drink or pull a beer.

If this is all you can do then you have two choices, you can get a job in a second rate bar serving beer to the local crowd or you can go back to school and learn the skills that you need to grab one of these top Toronto bartending jobs. If you pick the right school you will not only learn more about the skills required to be a top mixologist, you will also learn many of the skills and tricks of the trade that will help give you that flashy edge you are going to need to impress both your future employers and their customers.

Nobody really expects you to have the same skills as seen the movie "Cocktails" starring Tom Cruise and Michael Caine, but if you want a top paying position bartending in Toronto then you are going to have to come close. The best schools not only teach the basics like bookwork, the right glassware and the business of running a bar and of course a huge retinue of drink blends, they teach the fun side of bartending which includes a few of the flashy tricks that really impress the customers.

People go to the top clubs and bars to be entertained as well as to enjoy their favorite libation. If this sounds like the kind of job you want then you are going to have to spend some time attending a school of bartending in Toronto before you start looking for work. At Bartender One you will be taught by experienced professionals who know exactly what it takes to land these fantastic jobs. Once you have completed their courses, they will use their connections in the industry to help you get started in your dream career.