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Via the Bartender One website, www.bartenderone.com, internet users can find out how they can become a bartender and obtain bartending certification, or they can hire a bartender who will offer expert bartending service, and they can also use our website to inquire about a group teambuilding workshop, which is uplifting and unusual. However, for bartending certification, our website will allow online users to find out more about how they can go about obtaining bartending certification and since we offer so many different bartendering courses and because we are one of the fastest growing bartender schools in Canada, Bartender One is the best bartender school to gain authentic bartending certification. The bartending certification courses are available at just $198.00 and this is a three day course and is highly recommended for those who are eager to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, and it is also suited for those who want to work in bars, banquet halls and clubs. The bartending certification course will give the student insight into all they ever wanted to know about the art of bartending and once the three day course has been completed, the student will know all that there is to know about mixing drinks and how to whip up tempting cocktails and the most popular of shooters.

Although there are other bartender classes around Canada, most of which offer the bartending certification course, the difference is that at Bartender One, students will receive instructions from handpicked instructors, most of who have competed in national and international bartending competitions. However, more than just the qualified and hands-on instructors, the bartending certification course is offered in a real bar or nightclub and here students are able to obtain real experience and during the bartending certification, they can determine if such a profession is in fact suitable. The joy of the bartending certification course is that once the course has been completed, students can start earning money the following week, as the bartending certification will be obtained immediately. When visiting the Bartender One website, interested parties can go though the course times and days and they can select either a weekend or evening class. The bartending certification courses are accelerated, which allows students to take intensive bartending courses.

Part of the bartending certification course is a program in wines, champagne and beer tasting and this training is exclusive to Bartender One. After graduation, students will have increased confidence and a vast knowledge of bartending. In order to view the other courses which are offered in addition to the bartending 101 certification course, take a moment to browse the Bartender One website. The other bartending certification course is the Bartending MasterClass Certification, which is a five day course and like the 101 bartending certification course, it offers hands-on training and will give the student the chance to hone in on their skills and start earning big money. This is the ideal choice for those seeking employment in nightclubs, bars, lounges, super clubs, hotels and cruise ships in Canada.