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Have you considered how much money you spend after going out to bars and clubs? Why not pocket that money instead by working at the bar? Take a bartending course in Toronto at BartenderOne because we will give you the best bartending education the world has to offer. Graduate to become an expert bartender in hardly any time at all by taking the comprehensive and accelerated bartending courses in Toronto.

At Bartender One, our instructors are highly qualified. They are required to be trained for no less than 132 hours before they can begin to teach and some of them are national columnists who write regularly for prominent food, restaurant, bar and liquor magazines. Our instructors are all active bartenders and will teach you the methods and techniques that will get you noticed by employers. With a wide variety of courses to choose from, this means you have the freedom to choose how far you want to take your bartending education. You can choose what course schedule works best and you can finish a course in one week, two weeks, or five weeks. Night and weekend classes are available as well.

After graduating from this system, employers will know that you are one of the best professional bartenders available. You receive certification in the form of a card that is easy to carry around and display to employers and it displays your bartending statistics, including speed and free pour accuracy. But what if you don't pass? Bartender One gives you the best refill offer for your bar tendering course. You can retake the course as many times as you need for life. When you pass we will help you find work. If you are a top student you will receive guaranteed job placement.

With Bartender 101 Certification, you learn to make the most popular drinks served in bars today in just 24 hours over the span of 3 days. You will be immersed in 27 unique tasting experiences and receive education from the top Mixologist and from here will be able to work in a real bar with all the professional tools and equipment. If you want to work in low to medium volume bars such as hotels, banquet halls, golf courses, or for bartending enthusiasts, take this bartending course in Toronto for the essentials of bartending. Even if you want to be a master of bartending, take the Bartending and Mixology Master Class Certification course. It takes only 44 hours in as little as 5 days. This is a must-have course for any serious bartender. You will receive the hands-on experience that will make you confident and able enough to be great. If you really want to get a job in the bartending industry, this is the course for you. These bartending courses are available in Toronto, Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, and Pickering. Visit www.bartenderone.com today and learn how to kick-start your future as a bartender because the process is simple and the benefits are quite numerous in this industry.