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Bartender One is the fastest growing bartending school in all of Canada, and for the individual who is looking to enjoy a career in the fast paced world of bartending, he/she will discover that our wide choice of bartending courses will meet the most unique of needs. As opposed to other bartending schools, students of Bartender One will be able to train in real bars and nightclubs and this will not only give them the chance to gain real working experience but they will be able find out exactly what bartending is all about. Bartenders who go for bartending courses which are offered by other bartending schools do not have what it takes to cut it in the real world and to this end, bar or nightclub owners who are looking to employ bartending staff generally choose bartending staff who have successfully completed Bartender One training. The bartending workshops and courses which are available include the Bartender 101 Certification, the Bartending and Mixology MasterClass and Certification and the International Bartender Finishing Certification. For students who are not sure as to which of these bartending courses or workshops will best serve the specific career goals, the Bartending MasterClass Certification is recommended. This bartending course is a 44 hour course that will also give the student training in SmartServe, as well as how to mix cocktails, martinis, learn more about wine and beer accuracy, and be trained in bartending speed.

When it comes to course instructors, the bartending courses are true professionals, and our instructors include head bartenders from Canada's busiest and trendiest bars, nightclubs and lounges and at Bartender One, we do no have bartending instructors that have not bartended for years who are not aware of how much bartending in Canada, or around the world, has changed. This Bartending MasterClass is an all-in-one bartending course which has been created to prepare students for all aspects of bartending. The Specialty Bartending Workshops include several different workshops like the "Get Into the Spirit," a short three hour workshop which is perfect for the bartender, manager and even the home bartending enthusiast. The Better Beer workshop is another three hour short course and this specialty bartending workshop will show students how to differentiate between lagers and ales and which beers are suitable for which foods.

The Bartending Certification Programs, as with the Bartending MasterClass Certification, is for a period of five days and this course has been created for the bartending student who is actively looking to pursue a career in bartending. The employment opportunities offered to students once this bartending course has been completed, includes work opportunities in nightclubs, Supper Clubs, Hotels, bars and restaurants, not only in Canada but overseas. Bartender One is also able to guarantee bartending jobs for the top graduates and in order to find out more about this guarantee, feel free to visit the Bartender One website. To see the details of the different bartending workshops and courses offered, be sure to browse the Bartender One website, www.bartenderone.com.