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If you want to become a bartender, no matter where you're located in the world, it is extremely important to go to the right schooling if you're serious about a successful career in the world of bartending. At Bartender One we hold all the essentials for all the tools you will need to move on, and prosper in a world of opportunity, not only in the field of bartending, but also in the entire industry of entertainment in your city. Our bartending academy is considered one of the top institutes for supreme bartending schooling, by some the world leading critics in the entertainment field. We have a customary brand of excellence that defines a role model bartender, that will be hired by any establishment, and versatile entertainment employer, across the world. Why do we say this with such conviction? Because at Bartender One, we cover the entire field of excellence in bartending, right across the board. First of all, there is no limit to any city in Canada should you want to sign up with Bartender One. Our schools travel from Toronto, our home base. To Mississauga, to Vancouver, to Niagara Falls, to Halifax, to Pickering, and the list goes on.

The bartenders that follow suit through the extensive schooling of Bartender One, will encounter workshops across the board, from, ' Get into the spirit. This is a workshop for recipes, training and really, your extensive teachings for the best cocktails on the planet, and the ever evolving cocktail mixes. Mixing your drinks and the exact dose is so important to the perfect cocktail. This workshop will be the fine tuning of a perfect career as a bartender in any establishment. Mojito Madness is a workshop that allows you to fix the ins and outs of the perfect Mojito, and not the makings of the Mojito's that you concoct for your friends at home. 'Dare to flare', is another essential workshop as part of the curriculum for your bartending knowledge and excellence. This workshop is all about how to be the most efficient behind the bar so that you make the bar owner a huge profit, and in turn making yourself a huge profit.

We will incorporate 25 essential ways that will install a natural beneficial habit, that you will imbed in your knowledge, soon to be forgotten and become a natural occurrence, without even being aware that you're implementing these tricks of the trade. This will make you extremely confident, allowing your manager to let you run the show, having faith in you that it's not necessary to check on you every 5 minutes. Buena Barista, another short 3 hour workshop, that teaches the loveliness of a popular gourmet coffee. Often times than none, being quick and efficient behind your bar when it is busy, makes you feel like it is almost impossible to make this perfect kind of coffee without your waiting patrons to feel like your customer service is not within their best interests. This course will teach you how it's all possible. Check on our website for all the wonderful courses that will be part of your course and sign up today.